Private View: Framing the Makers by Jane Frederick and Martin Bridges

Friday May 10th, 6.30 pm Private View


by artists Jane Frederick and Martin Bridges


Spending quality time with a hand-crafted object can help us to reflect upon many things; the time and care that the maker has invested in its creation, the tangible physicality of its material and form and the social and historical context in which it was made. Potter Martin Bridges introduced me to the language of clay through his infectious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the material. As a painter, I had previously only examined the material through the study of paintings that depicted ceramic forms, presenting the appearance of handmade objects most commonly in a still life painting. This knowledge of ceramics from two very different research directions prompted a fascinating collaboration, which took us into Europe to view some breath-taking examples of still life painting culminating in the realisation that hand crafted objects could themselves be the individual subjects of portraiture.

Jane Frederick 2019

The exhibition  will run through May and June