An Author and an Artist: Laura Purcell and Lee Thomas

Wednesday 6th December

This will be the first of our Wednesday evening late openings which run through December up until Christmas.

Colchester author Laura Purcell, will talk about her new book the deliciously creepy gothic thriller ‘The Silent Companions’.

It is 1865 and all seems well for Elsie when she marries a wealthy businessman. But a month later her new husband is dead and she is pregnant. She heads out to his family’s country estate to rest …. but rest is not what she finds!

The house turns out to be a crumbling Jacobean mansion, perpetually shrouded with mist. The servants are distrustful and the local villagers are scared of the place, believing it to be cursed.

Hidden away in a locked room, up little used flight of stairs, Elsie discover a two-hundred-year-old diary and a strangely unsettling life size painted wooden figure with an uncanny resemblance to Elsie herself. The diary tells of the mysterious origins of the figure – and others like it that have been gathering dust since the time of Charles 1st.

A sense of foreboding pervades this novel as mysteries multiply and the wooden figures – the ‘silent companions’ appear to have a life of their own.


A Zoo in my Luggage by Gerald Durrell

Also on hand will be artist, Lee Thomas, whose latest collection of work, ‘Picture Books’ is showing in our gallery area.

Lee has been working on this project for the last two months. He enlisted the help of our book-loving customers who suggested favourite book titles, characters or scenes to spark his imagination. The result is wonderfully varied and colourful collection of pictures, each inspired by a book.

All the prints in the exhibition are available framed for £45.00. The related books are displayed alongside the art and with Christmas coming consider a gift with a difference – we can gift wrap a book and its picture together for £50.00.