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Books about Colchester and the surrounding area are particularly important for us here at Red Lion Books. We aim to hold in stock all books currently available on our locality and its history. Some key titles are highlighted below and new books will be added as they are released.

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Battlefield Essex

Andrew Summers and John Debenham

Through history Essex has been the scene of many battles and this book documents the many different kinds of conflicts that have taken place in our county. There was, of course, Boudicca’s legendary revolt against the might of Rome. After the sacking and burning of Colchester she headed off down the A12 (or its equivalent) … Continue reading Battlefield Essex

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Colchester in the Great War

Andrew Phillips

At the outbreak of war in 1914 Colchester was the Eastern Region Army HQ and thousands of new recruits reported to the Garrison for training. While exercising on Abbey Fields the guns of the Western Front could often be heard. This expert account of the war years covers the role of Colchester as provider of … Continue reading Colchester in the Great War

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Stour Seaons

Ronald Blythe

Ronald Blythe has lived in Bottengoms farm in the Stour valley for almost forty years. Before that, owned by the painter, John Nash, the ancient farmhouse had long been a hub for a talented artistic community. With Ronald Blythe in residence that rich tradition has been maintained with a stream of painters and writers visiting. … Continue reading Stour Seaons

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Old Heath Memories

Patrick Denney

In the early years of the twentieth century that part of Colchester we know as Old Heath was more like a country village. Some houses backed onto farmer’s fields and people would regularly wake up to find cows grazing in their back garden! Cars were rare; it was horses and carts that delivered coal, milk … Continue reading Old Heath Memories

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The Angel Roofs of East Anglia

Michael Rimmer

By the late fourteenth century the carpenters of mediaeval England had mastered the complex mechanics needed to span vast spaces with interlocking timber arches thus freeing the space below of supporting columns. Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament was the crowning glory, 68 feet wide and 240 feet long. But remarkably almost hidden in … Continue reading The Angel Roofs of East Anglia