Book of the Week, October 28th 2017


La Belle Sauvage

Phillip Pullman

Fans of Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy, have been waiting for this for over fifteen years and they won’t be disappointed.

 The epic tale opens at ‘The Trout’, a rambling stone-built Inn on the banks of the Thames outside Oxford. There, the landlord’s son, eleven-year-old Michael Polstead, enjoys his life, helping look after the guests and exploring the river in his canoe, La Belle Sauvage.

Across the river stands a Priory where Michael runs errands for the kindly nuns who are also looking after a six-month old baby girl. Her name is Lyra, heroine of the earlier books. 

But behind the scenes the power of a sinister religious organization is growing and Michael’s school falls under the influence of the fascist movement’s youth wing. 

When a plot is uncovered that endangers Lyra, it falls to Michael and his friend Alice to protect the baby. Drawn deep into a world of danger and intrigue, they set off in Michael’s canoe to save Lyra.  

As dark forces build power and influence, they face a giant, ghosts and witches in this exciting adventure.

Penguin, Hardback, £20.00