Book of the Week, November 4th, 2017


Bad Dad

David Walliams

Frank’s Dad, Gilbert, is a racing car driver. But it’s not a Ferrari he drives. He races a battered, old, souped up mini in special races for old bangers. Known as ‘King of the Track’ for his fearless driving, Gilbert is a local hero, winning race after race and young Frank worships his Dad.  One night there is a crash on the race track, Gilbert is badly injured and when finally leaves hospital three months later it is with a wooden leg.

With his racing days are over, the money stops coming in and month by month, debt collectors strip the house of TV, toys and even Frank’s bed.

Gilbert falls in with the local crime boss, Mr Big, who is actually pretty small, smokes a fat cigar and wears silk pyjamas whatever the time of day or night. Eventually, Frank and his Dad join forces in a dangerous game to expose the dastardly villain.

Told with his usual verve and humour this is another winning tale from the pen of David Walliams, now the country’s bestselling children’s writer.

HarperCollins, Hardback, £12.99