Book of the Week, January 26th 2019


The Binding

Bridget Collins

When we open a book and begin to read, we are transported to a world of the authors creation. Here is a novel that imagines a world where books have a stranger purpose. Hand-made and crafted with magic they can take your pain, your grief, your secrets, and can bind them, bringing freedom from the darkest of memories.  A world where books and those that make them are viewed with suspicion and dread.

Emmett is a young lad working on the family farm, he expects one day to inherit. But Emmett is slowly recovering from a mysterious illness and is no longer strong enough for labouring in the fields. He is apprenticed to Seredith, an old woman, to learn the craft of bookbinding. He learns not only the skills of tooling leather, of sewing, gluing and gilding but also the magical process that traps guilty secrets within the pages. And with knowledge comes dangers that he must face.

Ideas of freedom and social morality are highlighted by forbidden love in this remarkable and richly imagined historical fantasy.

Borough Press, hardback, £12.99