Book of the Week, January 19th 2019


The Choice

Edith Eger

Now nearly 90, Edith Eger is an acclaimed psychologist. In 1944 she was living in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe, a Jewish teenager with a passion for ballet and qymnastics. She was training for the Olympics until one evening there was a knock on the door. The family were transported to Aushwitz where her parents lives soon ended in the gas chambers. Edith was forced to dance for the entertainment of the prison officers. Her life was saved by her dancing – but only just. In May 1945, the liberating armies arrived and an American soldier saw the tiniest of movements amongst a pile of bodies. Edith’s life was saved.

This book describes her long slow journey to come to terms with the horrors she endured and to build a new life for herself in America. Ultimately, she came to understand that whatever horrors a person may suffer, it is possible to choose whether or not to let the past define the future. On this recognition she founded her clinical practice helping many people overcome deep trauma. Her memoir is an inspirational read.

Ebury paperback, £8.99