Book of the Week, 18th November 2017


Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is the award-winning creator of children’s picture books which have been bestsellers around the world. Recently, he arrived back from hospital carrying his new baby son. He wanted to introduce the wonders of the world to the tiny new arrival and the result was his first non-fiction picture book.

With glowing colours, he illustrates different views of planet earth. There is the glorious mystery of the expansive night sky, filled with glowing constellations. The amazing range of animals on the land, birds flying through the sky and the wondrous creatures living in the watery world beneath the surface of the sea.

Alongside these pictures is a simple, straightforward, almost matter of fact commentary, introducing the magnificent richness of life on earth and the diversity of people who live here. Throughout runs the gentle message that the best approach to nature and to other people is respect and kindness.

In an uncertain age this is a beautifully optimistic book with a tender heart.